Storm Writer

Storm Writer

Cheng Feng, a young man who works as a screenwriter in a big city, has experienced a series of incidents of breaking up with his girlfriend, being fired by the company, and renting a landlord. He is desperate to laugh at the people who want to jump off the building and commit suicide. Because of a free SMS message from Yunnan, he gave up his suicide and embarked on a train to Yunnan. After experiencing many setbacks in Yunnan, Cheng Feng wakes up and wants to be brave enough to do what he wants. Cheng Feng returned to the metropolis and always wanted to help his younger brother also suffer the crisis of the departure of the car dealers A-five shares. Cheng Feng thoroughly understood that everyones life is not easy, and also sees each unyielding soul. Finally, Cheng Feng finally realized his dream.

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Genre: Drama

Duration: N/A