Master Dragon

Master Dragon

The catching sorcerer Song Dingbo was hired into the rice shop uniform and demonized Ma Lu, and received it for his own use, and his reputation was loud. Unexpectedly, Malu escaped, and Song Dingbo followed the discovery that the villagers would bind the girl Xiao Xiao to the stone statue of the gods, save Xiao Xiao under the wrong yin, and defeat the snake demon who disguised the gods. Xiao Xiao was grateful to Song Dingbo. After learning his name, he wanted to invite him to Beijing to catch the demon. So the three went to the capital, all the way to eradicate the monsters sent by the national division. Xiao Xiao’s true identity has finally been exposed. She is the three princesses today. She has always suspected that the national teacher who is in the middle of the DPRK is a demon, and hopes that Song Dingbo can help her remove the demon. Song Dingbo was determined to help Xiao Xiao, who knows that the national division used the celestial instrument to seek the name of the rain, and intended to persecute the people. Song Dingbo ruined the celestial instrument and saved the people. The national teacher was furious, and the enchantment was changed into a battle between Xiaolong and Song Dingbo. Song Dingbo lost to the dragon and died, Xiao Xiao was seriously injured. At the time of the millennium, Song Dingbo had to risk his life to start the four orders, and the mana doubled and defeated the national division.

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Genre: Comedy

Duration: N/A