Patrolman Baoyin

Patrolman Baoyin

Baoyin is the son of a Urad herder. As a civilian police, because of his vast territory, he must ride a motorcycle on a land of 1,672 square kilometers. In the daily work of Baoyin, in addition to running through the registration of the floating population of various factories and mines, and dealing with all kinds of trivial matters for the herdsmen, they also bear the role of the Gobi postman. His life seems lonely, hard and mechanical, but shoulders the burden of maintaining the stability of the frontier. At this time, some unexpected incidents occurred, especially in the Gobi, two young women came. Zola came from Ximeng to find relatives, but the father did not want to recognize each other. Baoyin’s mother hoped that the single son would be able to compete with Zola… Li Hong is a Han girl and her boyfriend came to the Urad grassland. But it was killed strangely, who is the murderer? There is no clue in the delay… In addition, because of his outstanding work performance, Baoyin is expected to receive a special award. He cant help but develop all kinds of life to improve his poverty… In short, the calm work and life are broken, Baoyin It became a little fussy. In the end, Baoyin made a moving choice in everything.

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Genre: Drama

Duration: N/A