The captain of the anti-drug team captured the local drug dealer (also his own hair) Zhang Wei. During the interrogation, due to the accident at home, the rich second generation intern policeman Ge Shuai was negligent and led to the suspects escape. The enemy was suspiciously released, was suspended, waiting to be dealt with, the intern policeman Ge Shuai was dismissed and went home. In order to prove his innocence, for the work that Xiaoge loves, the enemy borrows money and pays for himself, and prepares to embark on the journey of being alone. The old master Li, who is also a policeman, learned the situation, the danger of taking the punishment, and the revenge of the jeep in the bureau to embark on the road of chasing. On the other hand, Ge Shuai felt that he had neglected to make a mistake and was tired of Masters hatred. He couldnt solve it. He learned that Master had been on the road to pursue the crime, and he secretly drove all the way. Gansu anti-drug police crossed Gan, Qing and Tibetan, and after all the hardships, they finally found a drug dealer Zhang Weis colleague in Ali. In the process of fighting with his neck, Lao Li was seriously injured in order to protect the young policeman Ge Shuai. With Ge Jie, with his inner guilt and self-blame, he set foot on the road to find Zhang Wei, and the sly Zhang Hao waited for another opportunity to escape, from southwest to northwest, from the city to the border, a long road, bad. Living conditions, in the desolate and snowy plateau, the masters and the men and women worked together, and at the expense of Ge Shuais sacrifice, the enemy finally captured the drug dealers on the glacier mountains at an altitude of over 4,000 meters. Not only did he find the lost person, but he also saved the dignity of the poison police.

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Genre: ActionCrimeDrama

Duration: N/A