Hunter Outside the City

Hunter Outside the City

Chen Jianwei is a young film writer who is annoyed to create a caravan road movie script about Chaoshan culture. The original subconsciously resisted but the hard-line requirements of the boss, but unexpectedly crossed the world in the script, but the world is a Parallel time and space. Chen Jianwei gradually discovered that what happened in the world began to get out of control, beyond his imagination, all of which was related to the memory of a dusty tide in Chen Jianweis subconscious mind. In order to save the characters in the play and regain the world of the ever-expanding script, Chen Jianwei must return to the real world and bravely retrieve this closed memory. Many years ago, his trip to the tidal caravan with his girlfriend was also layered. The layer is uncovered.

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Genre: AdventureComedy

Duration: N/A