Da Ming Nv Shen Bu

Da Ming Nv Shen Bu

The female catcher Shi Xiaosi received a report, and there was a mysterious poisoning of a foreign man in the pumpkin shop in the town. Shi Xiaosi immediately led his men to investigate the case, but was attacked by mysterious men on the way. After arriving at the pumpkin shop, Shi Xiaosi found that this was an inexplicable event, and there was no clue at the moment. Soon after the poisoned man recovered, he was dragged into more doubts. A suspense case seven years ago gradually began to surface. The boss who is full of thoughts, the doctor who is famous outside, the weird and cumbersome buddy, the indifference of the lady, the madman who is ecstatic, the suspicion of everyone in the store, seems to have nothing to do with the whole incident. When Shi Xiaosi eliminated the suspects one by one, the people in the small shop began to die one after another. A bigger conspiracy enveloped everyone and seemed to engulf them with this place. Can Shi Xiaosi finally grasp the real murderer, and what is the answer to the suspense case seven years ago?

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Genre: Action

Duration: N/A