An Antidote for the Grieved

An Antidote for the Grieved

The story tells the story of the love of several young people, telling the story of the male and female heroes, how to get out of the pain in the face of falling out of love. The heroine Jingyi tried to end a relationship by escaping after falling out of love, and bravely tried what she thought was the right way. In the end, she found it more painful. The same is the male actor of the lost love, Mei Yuxuan, the handsome sunshine, gentle and considerate, his appearance, seems to be the same illness, let them find a cure for the sad. In the drama, the male and female heroes face negative love, experience betrayal, loneliness, and no longer believe in love. They do not choose to commit suicide or go out of the house and other negative practices. After being moved by the beloved love of the other party, they slowly walk out of pain and return to life. On the right track. The male and female heroes have never given up on the pursuit of true love, looking for true love between laughter and tears, and transmitting the positive energy of society.

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Genre: DramaRomance

Duration: N/A