The Job

The Job

An expat, who is not able to differentiate between the reality and illusion, needs to keep her immediate job. English poet and playwright William Shakespeare’s written works have inspired many to adapt and create series, films and shows based on his iconic plays. Director Siddharth Sinha was also completely influenced by Shakespeare’s works and was deeply interested in his writings. One particular character that stayed with Siddharth was that of Lady Macbeth from the tragic play Macbeth. Inspired by that character, Siddharth wrote a short film titled The Job. He says, “Many films and series have been made inspired by Shakespeare’s play plots. However, I have taken one character and transformed it. Lady Macbeth completely intrigued me and I took her out of the plot and wrote a different story around her characteristics.

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Genre: Thriller



Duration: N/A


IMDb: 7.3