Northeast Shift Student 2

Northeast Shift Student 2

Japanese businessman Matsumoto used the liquor trade to cover up his business of selling people. As his power grew, he urgently needed more people to fill his own black market, so he stared at Uncle Wang Hus bar and cooperated in the name of the wine merchant. A few years ago, I transferred to Taiwan high school to study Wang Hu. I have nothing to do after graduation from college. In this way, Wang Hu was sent to Taiwan by his father, and he followed the uncle to manage the bar. And Zhang Wenfeng, a Taiwanese unemployed youth, frequently hit the wall after seeking employment, and finally found a good job at the bar. A group of people gathered at the bar again. Zhang Wenfeng, who used to be a brother and brother with Wang Hu, must now put down his body and become an employee of Wang Hu. His heart is complicated. At the same time, both brothers pursued SAYA, a part-time employee in the store. In the pursuit process, Zhang Wenfeng accidentally discovered Matsumotos secrets and traps, but Wang Hu blamed him for being naive. Will Wang Hu believe in Matsumoto because of business choices, or do you believe in a good brother who was born and died?

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Genre: Comedy

Duration: N/A