No good-bye

No good-bye

In the youthful years of the morning, there is an unforgettable memory and a promise that will allow him to follow five years. It is only by obeying the promises of the past that it makes the good times that remain in memory more precious. Five years ago, the new morning college entrance examination ended, and the good brother Ren Jiazhuo Yufan got the notice. The results of Ren Jiakao were too bad. The three men discussed whether they would like to change their ambitions. When they were in the same university as before, they met on the road, and Zhang Yi, the rich second generation who stalked Lin Yiyi. The three drove them off and settled for Lin Yiyi. Therefore, Lin Yiyi is very fond of Xinchen. Lin Yiyis introverted personality, coupled with family environment factors, has something to worry about and rarely talks with his family. Therefore, Lin’s father has some gaps with his daughter. When Lin Yiyi had some inexplicable feelings about Xinchen, Xinchen was on the way home and met Su Qing who was injured. Xinchen was the first to see Su Qing, but Su Qing had been paying attention to him many times in the school, secretly for a long time.

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Genre: DramaFamilyRomance

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